Farmacy PLC

Farmacy plc was formed in 1999 and successfully provides independent agronomy, environmental, precision and nutritional services to UK growers.

We deliver these services on over 300,000 hectares mainly in the East Midlands, East Anglia and Cotswolds through over 60 dedicated Farmacists.

Farmacy plc services set new standards within the industry and are dedicated to providing growers with professional advice on all aspects of arable, vegetable and specialist crop production, using service systems which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the grower, the industry and the consumer.

Setting new standards in agronomy

Farmacy Events

Farmacy Demonstration Events share the latest regional insights from our field based research, together with machinery demonstrations and interactive workshops.

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TerraMap revolutionises how soil nutrient mapping is currently undertaken in the UK - setting a new standard for repeatable, accurate and reliable high-definition soil scanning.

Our advisors are trained to the highest standards in all aspects of arable crop production and environmental compliance and are supported by in-house technical and IT teams to ensure that services exceed client expectations and deliver unrivalled value for money.

Omnia is an unrivalled whole field seed and nutritional planning system that is available for famers and growers, alternatively you can choose Omnia Plus a service delivered to you by an Omnia Specialist. More >>

Healthy Soils: The Key to Unlocking Yield

Healthy Soils is a new service from Farmacy, providing a wealth of information to effectively measure and monitor soil health. Visit the Healthy Soils website for more information. >>Website

Healthy Soils e-Brochure v9 Farmacy

The service provides farmers and agronomists with the information they need to actively manage soil resources for optimum crop performance.